Simplicity Parenting Ecourse Series

An online course to support your Simplicity Parenting journey

Have a feeling there’s a way parenting can be more fun, peaceful and less overwhelming?

Are you wishing for simpler times as the world seems to be picking up speed and encouraging us to cram in more stuff into our lives?

Do you struggle to find time to connect with loved ones while competing with an influx of activities, screen time and outside commitments?

Are you daydreaming about having the support to implement simple but effective changes to your family’s rhythm and flow?

These are the exact reasons I decided to get certified as a Simplicity Parenting Coach.

After reading Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne I realized that my desire for a slower childhood for my kids is a normal, healthy mama bear instinct reaction to the hectic, materialistic culture we find ourselves raising our children in today.

Since implementing these gleanings our family life has become more joyful, less tearful and richer in simple abundance.

In this self-paced home study journey, I will guide you to:

  • Explore and rediscover your core parenting values
  • Simplicity Parenting principles and how they can be customized to fit your unique family and parenting style
  • Learn how to design a change plan with your co-parent
  • Come closer to your goals and vision of a simpler more relaxed home environment
  • Techniques to cope with daily life-with-kids-stress and meltdowns and how to minimize them in the first place.

After leading workshops in my community, I’ve witnessed how much of an impact this led journey has made on unique parenting challenges.

“There are so many voices and so many philosophies about parenting that it can feel impossible to know who to listen to. In fact, I had pretty much shut out all of the “experts,” because no one seemed to agree with my heart and the way I want to raise my daughter. But that isolated space can get lonely, and when I first read about Kathy’s Simplicity Parenting e-course, I tentatively peeked my head above ground. I wondered, Could this be what my young family is needing?

In a word, yes. Yes, this is a solid framework that a just-starting-out family can take refuge in. Yes to the wisdom of establishing a nourishing environment, rhythm, and family schedule for our young daughter to grow into. Yes to understanding my baby daughter’s world with empathy, love, and commitment to her and our deepest connection as a family. And importantly, YES to establishing healthy boundaries now around what is acceptable in our den and what is not. Simplicity Parenting with Kathy helped me clarify and prioritize all of these things.

Moreover, Kathy is the perfect guide for this course. At once playful, welcoming, and thoughtful, she takes participants on a journey she’s clearly been down with her own family. She creates safe space for each of us, and facilitates connections between moms so that we each can hear that we are not alone. And there’s a certain sense of “ahhh” about interacting with her – a playfulness and whimsy that just isn’t very common in our urban New Jersey/Manhattan life.

Yes. If this course calls to you, sign up right this second. You’ll be so glad you did.”

– Jess Larsen: birth doula, childbirth educator, new mama

How this will roll:

The course curriculum is made up of:

  • private videos to watch when there’s a lull in the complicated
  • downloadable audio to listen to while doing dishes, knitting, driving
  • guest expert interviews to gather different insights into these simple but genius principles
  • worksheets to help you dive deeper into the concepts
  • invite to a private Facebook group to connect with other simplicity-seeking mamas from all over the world

.“The Simplicity Parenting course brought my understanding of my own integrity into sharp focus and allowed me to see where I had wandered away from how I would like to be in the world. It also gave me the ability to unclutter, both emotionally and physically. As a result our family and home feel calmer and clearer somehow. The course affected my parenting style. Now when my children are exhibiting difficult behaviour I remember the phrase ‘Soul Fever’ and my approach is gentler, more compassionate and more geared toward finding the cause of the soul fever.

I would highly recommend this course to any parent.” ~Tanya Ginger

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this all happen?

Whenever you want it to; this is a self-paced home study program that begins upon purchase.

What will I need to participate?

You will need internet access to so you can access the Teachable platform and from there all the lessons can easily be check marked as you move through the process at your own pace. I also recommend. a binder or journal to record your reflections in. And, if you can, get this amazing book from your bookstore or local library.

Can my partner participate?

Yes! I actually encourage partners to get involved -primarily with the change process assignments where we design weekly changes to bring relief to different areas of our home life (environment, rhythm, screen time to name just a few).

Do I have to be somewhere at a specific time?

No -that's the beauty! Work through the modules at your own speed. There is access to a Facebook group that's included as a place to find answers to any questions or bear witness to your epiphanies

What can I expect to get out of this course?

  • You can expect to bring awareness to what your hopes and dreams for your family are and how these may be achieved in simple, sustainable ways that will have lasting effects for your children and yourself.
  • You can expect a deeper understanding and integration of the powerful principles found in the book Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne. It’s one thing to read a mind blowing book but it’s a whole different kind of mind blow when you actually put the principles in action in a supportive and caring environment.
  • You will receive encouragement and support from an expert; moi.
  • You can look forward to more calm and connection in your home.

Do I need to buy the book?

Having the book would be handy but not necessary. I will offer summaries in the blog posts of the chapters we will be covering that will inform you of the essence of the book and its gems. But if you’re ever going to buy a parenting book this is the one to get! Hopefully, your library carries a copy you can borrow and if not, tell them they should!


“This course was wonderful! It gave me an awesome tool to use in challenging parenting situations (read: dreaded temper tantrums). Also, through reflecting on my values, the rhythm of our days and our environment, I made big internal and external shifts that helped align me with my parenting goals. Yay! Kathy is a blissful mama who has found her path and she is such a warm, funny and generous guide lighting the way for other mindful mamas. Thank you, Kathy!”

~Sony Jolly, MD, SonyJolly.com


I loved every moment of this course and in four short weeks it has helped me make some fairly significant changes to mine and my family’s lives. Life not only seems calmer but it has also steered us to make bigger changes for our future happiness, more inline with our values. Even without all the deep work that has occurred, I would say it is worth the sign up fee alone for Kathy’s hilarious videos!”

~Anna C.


“Kathy brings so much creativity and a delightful sense of humor to her Simplicity Parenting e-course. Her videos left me smiling every time! I looked forward to her daily emails with tidbits from Kim John Payne’s book and her own take on simplifying family life. I enjoyed the ecourse and the wonderful community of parents that she brought together in the forum. I recommend her workshops to parents who are ready to roll up their sleeves, simplify their days and have some fun!”

~Allison, AllisonAbramson.com


“This course helped my partner and I envision together how we want to parent our infant daughter and gave us the specific tools to help with daily rhythm and decluttering our home. I received a lot of reassurance that I’m on the right track as well as support on setting boundaries for what I want for my family life. I just absolutely loved this course! It felt like something special I was doing for both myself and my family at the same which is such a good feeling.”

~Josee Corrigan


Your Instructor

Kathy Stowell
Kathy Stowell
Kathy Stowell began Bliss Beyond Naptime ten years ago as a creative outlet to share her handwork and homesteading adventures with her online community.

Today she coaches and trains creatives from all over the world to create a sustainable work from home business model built on the foundation of self-care, creativity, simplicity and supporting others in their unique area of blended passions.

Class Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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